Fluid Acoustics

Acoustic Spectrum

The research group „Fluid acoustics“ mainly deals with flow induced noise. Main topics are:

  • Investigation and characterization of acoustic sources
  • Investigation oft he effect of mean flow on sound propagation
  • Development of measures for reducing or damping flow induced noise

Most oft he work is concerned with air at low Mach numbers (Ma < 0.3). Main focus is on applications involving turbomachinery. Industrial application areas include aerospace, automotive, rail vehicles and small scale turbomachinery.

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Among the currently or recently studied topics there are:

  • Study of academic test cases
  • Design of turbo machines
  • Aeroacoustics of aerofoils
  • Aeroacoustic modeling using numerical methods
  • Thermodynamic techniques for noise reduction
  • Noise reduction and stealth technology from the animal kingdom

The research group employs experimental as well as numerical methods.