The wide-ranging research activities of the Institute of Fluid Mechanics, evidenced by the equipment of its laboratories and the list of publications, are divided into ten research areas. Besides typical issues of fluid mechanics such as the description and turbulence modelling and the numerical simulation of turbomachinery, it also does research in special fields like fluid mechanics on the smallest scales or the description of complex fluids.

On the basis of the expertise gained from the aforementioned areas, interconnected issues can be investigated, e.g. the sound radiation due to turbulent flow patterns or the occurrence of chemical reactions in the flow field, which both require complex experimental structures as well as numerical simulation procedures. In addition to the application of numerical procedures, also their investigation is explicitly one of the research areas of the institute. Furthermore, the institute’s research activities focus on intelligent automation solutions based upon methods of Machine Learning, as well as on the analysis of relevant flow processes in Biotechnology and Medicine. Within the scope of excellence clusters, the institute’s research focuses especially on the investigation of novel materials and optic effects.